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Semiautomatic Rifle Course
A.R.C. Or R.B.O.C.


Dive into the world of rifle operation and mastery with our comprehensive 4-hour Semiautomatic Rifle Basic Operator Course. Designed to instill confidence and proficiency in rifle handling, this course equips participants with a deep understanding of mechanics, available options, and shooting techniques essential for safe and effective firearm use.
Throughout the program, our expert instructors lead participants through hands-on demonstrations, theoretical discussions, and practical exercises tailored to enhance understanding and skill acquisition. From mastering basic rifle operation to delving into advanced shooting techniques, participants gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of semiautomatic rifles.


This course will cover:


  • Rules of safety when handling that specific type of Firearm
  • Proper storage, transport consideration and option
  • Parts and mechanic of an semiautomatic rifle 
  • Disassembly, cleaning, and best recommended product / tools
  • Loading and unloading technique    
  • Problem solving
  • Proper sight and trigger use 


Advance course available to cover: 


  • Safety review and on the field consideration
  • Using the sighting system advantage and disadvantages of different system 
  • Field of view, threat scan and re-engagement 
  • Multiple range of engagement and aiming technique and more....

This course will provide you with a Semiautomatic  Rifle for your training.

Course available with

  • AR15 -M4
  • AK47
  • FN SCAR 17S*

 *Additional fee apply for use of the FN SCARFor more info or to make a reservation call: 305-695-0601


R.B.O.C. US$725.00 + range fees 


Classes are non refundable 

Classes not rescheduled 24 hours prior of class start will be forfeited

Classes are expected to start on time no walk in will be allowed once the class started

Range fees not included unless specified otherwise 

Classes are valid for not more then one year from purchase date